Hi! I’m Juliet Furst, a Berlin-based artist and photographer from North Carolina. I have a sweet little sister named Evangeline whose story I’ve for a long time wanted to tell in photographs. She’s one of thousands of individuals with a chromosomal condition called Down syndrome. In documenting the everyday lives of individuals with Down syndrome, my hope is to spread the understanding that these children and adults are able to do so much.

Here are a few examples:

  • they can play sports
  • they can dance
  • they can paint
  • they can read
  • they can learn to drive
  • they can earn a degree
  • they can live independently
  • they can work jobs
  • they can teach

The list goes on. The hashtag #morealikethandifferent sums it up well. Their lives are valuable and needed, and it’s important that they’re seen, heard, and given opportunities to lead full lives.

I’m always looking for more participants, so head over to the Contact page if you or someone you know is interested in participating!