Tyler, Lacey, and Nathan

One of my photoshoots was a little different—a few moms reached out and suggested they get together for a group shoot, as their children are good friends.  These three brought out all of the hockey sticks and scooters they could find in Tyler’s garage and made the cul-de-sac their sports arena as the clouds rolled in. They swung in the hammock, jumped on the trampoline, and battled it out with the Nerf guns. We made an afternoon of it. These three know how to play!

Tyler is as fun-loving as any 10 year-old. His current favorite thing is watching Youtube videos of toy reviews. This was a genre I hadn’t heard of before, but it turns out it’s a vast one. These videos can be about anything from people testing out the new models of Nerf guns to different board games. He loves going to Greensboro’s skate park and the trampoline park, and has played Miracle League Baseball.

Nathan, 10, has also played with the Miracle League. He loves basketball and computer games. He also helps at home with the family’s new little brother. He has 12 year-old sister and a 7 year-old sister.

Lacey, from High Point, is 9. She’s one of four sisters in her family. A few of her favorite things include playing teacher as well as playing with her dolls. She used to cheer with a special needs team, and currently enjoys open gym Fridays.













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