Mike’s story is yet another example of the wide range of opportunities available for adults with Down syndrome. He is 32 and lives with his family in Greensboro. He works as a greeter each weekday morning at one of the YMCAs in the area. On the weekends, he is a greeter at a popular Greek restaurant here. For a number of years, he’s been interested in power lifting, and now is a trainer with a weightlifting group for individuals with special needs. He has previously competed in the Special Olympics power lifting category. I asked him about his personal record—it’s 250 lbs. Way to go, Mike!

Mike has played everything from soccer and Y League baseball to Special Olympics golf and basketball. He’s also coached the Challenger baseball team. His other favorite pastime outside of weightlifting is performing. The Community Theater of Greensboro has a program called Onstage And Inclusive, which offers a 2-week summer program. There, he mentors other actors with disabilities. Mike has been in CTG’s main stage shows “Peter Pan” and “Oz.” He also has experience leading skits at the special needs division of Young Life, Capernaum. Mike loves singing, Elvis impersonations, making movies, and walking his dog Mickey in the neighborhood.










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